El proyecto CITRUSPACK apuesta por la economía circular en la industria de cítricos

Sus socios combinan economía circular y envasado, mientras que LIFECITRUS desarrolla un nuevo ingrediente y nuevos productos alimenticios para abrir nuevas líneas de mercado. 

Desde el proyecto LIFE CitrusPack, también impulsado desde España, se trabaja para dar soluciones a los subproductos de la industria de transformados cítricos.

Citruspack project, a combination of circular economy and packaging

There are more citrus focused projects in the Life galaxy. Citruspack is one of them.

The project aims to demonstrate that sustainability and efficiency can be applied to agricultural and industrial practices by researching and boosting the potential of byproducts through their valorisation in a number of new value chains.

From vegetal by-product to bottle

These vegetal side products, which origin is based on transformation processes, will be used as natural additives for the reinforcement of 100% biodegradable plastic bottles and containers. In addition, the cycle is completed using other elements for creams composition.

In this way the project intends to valorise a maximum 80% of the raw material generated in the transformation process.

A competitive and sustainable market solution

At the end of the project researchers and participating companies will offer three solutions with high added value into the packaging and cosmetic sector. The juice bottles will be the first demonstrator.

“These bottles will be manufactured by blown extrusion. We want to test and quantify the acceptance of consumers during the project to reach the market”. Carolina Peñalva, Project coordinator and Responsible for Packaging at Aitiip Technology Centre.

Besides being biobased and eco-friendly, bottles will have to comply with very serious technical requirements.

In addition creams with natural additives from these by-products will be fabricated. The packaging will be also reinforced with the same material than the bottles.

More information available at http://citruspack.eu

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