Fundación Clúster Agroalimentario de la Región de Murcia (AGROFOOD)

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AGROFOOD is  a  meeting  point  for  business-oriented  organizations  which  come  together  to  work  on common solutions  for  developing cooperation projects  in  their  field  of  expertise,  interest  or  influence. Agrofood is comprised of important institutions and firms in the agrofood industry, providing solutions to market needs through business cooperation and collaboration, and presenting valuable solutions and turnkey projects by working together because "true knowledge is a collective enterprise".

Agrofood offers solutions in product innovation, internationalization, implementation of new processes and environmental efficiency. The goal of Agrofood is to help entrepreneurs overcome strategic challenges and develop competitive solutions. Activities within the framework of this project should be carried out in a simple, safe and plain manner while preserving privacy.