1.  Enlargement and improvement of the pilot plant currently available in CTC to enable its utilization at semi-industrial scale for performing the proposed innovative process. A machine will be incorporated.

2.  Performing a test programme and conducting a detailed study about innovative process effectiveness, to characterize process parameters, to identify products specifications and to train CTC staff.

3.  Conducting a professional detailed cost-benefit analysis of the proposed process, with previous market study and basic industrial plant design, and a feasibility study.

4.  Creation and update, by web experts, of a new website, linked to the websites of the beneficiaries, to support the project communication and dissemination actions.

5.  Demonstration and disclosure regional programme and national/European programme, focused on targeted sectors, to outreach the advantages of the innovative process and to encourage particular
companies to test their own products or to promote demonstration sessions in the pilot plant. Specific initiatives will be directed to the biological certificated sector.

6.  Teaching training courses in CTC, focused on both technicians and operators of the targeted sectors and open to students, graduates and scientific and technical environment professionals.

7.  Starting up and maintaining throughout the project life and after its end an active dissemination and communication strategy, focused both on targeted companies, entities and public bodies and on general media. Project website linkage and promotion; ICT contacts; press-meetings; guided visits; press, radio and TV reviews and articles; publication of newsletters; placement of notice boards; distribution of brochures; layman’s report and a conference are scheduled.

8.  Publication of project results, proposed process parameters and expectations and obtained ingredients specifications in scientific and technical publications, and presentation of this information in congresses
and conferences.

9.  An efficient coordination, monitoring and evaluation system will be created to ensure an efficient project management, a continuous monitoring of the project's progress and a fulfilment in time of the
Commission requirements, including draw up an After-LIFE Communication Plan.

10.  External independent audit will verify the financial statements.


Timetable lifecitrus